Client Testimonials

1929 Ford Coupe

I went looking for a shop to help with my project. I went down to back to the fifties and car craft and talked to a number of shops. Many claimed to be able to help with the build, but a number of them either did not have the paint skills I was looking for or told me that they had used this guy south of town for painting. Dan Pearson’s name came up like 5 or 6 times and I finally decided why not just go find this guy and deal with him directly.

Best move I could have made. Did not really have a plan for the 29 coupe when we started. Sort of went through the process together in true old school hot rod fashion. My goal was to keep some original look of the 29, but to be able to mix and match parts from other old cars, but also make sure the drive train, convenience and safety features were up to modern levels. The car is amazing, the paint even more so. We were nominated for MSRA street rod of the year in 2014. It also sits on the main web page for the shop as well. I am so happy with Danny and crew and so proud of the car we built.

Turned out so well we have just kept going completing a 75 corvette and now working on a 60 fury and 66 galaxy. The newest shop they moved to well be fantastic. Already the new projects are amazing.

William Wolf- Owner

1955 Ford F-100

I have always wanted to own a classic Ford truck but had no idea where to start. After looking around at several hot rod shops, I decided to take my vision to Straight Line Customs. I met with Dan and knew right away this was the shop for me. Dan not only helped me find a 1955 Ford F-100, he drove with me over three hours hours to pick it up. I had Straight Line Customs do a complete restoration on the truck the way I wanted plus add custom touches that went above and beyond what I had expected! My entire experience from start to finish was great and I would highly recommend Straight Line Customs.

Adam Paulson- Owner

2003 50th Anniversary Corvette

We bought our 2003 50th Anniversary Corvette in Boston off Craig’s List and bought it sight unseen. We soon realized it was going to need some TLC to bring it back to the “head-turner” it once was. We started looking around for customs shops and soon found Straight Line Customs. After a few conversations with Dan, we soon knew we had found the right guy to trust our Corvette with. After listening to what we wanted done and Dan going over everything with us, we made the decision to have him do the work on our toy. The process went smoothly, the communication was excellent and the Corvette turned out fantastic! Straight Line Customs will be the only shop that we will take our car if any more custom work is needed. Thanks Dan and Straight Line Customs for bringing our Corvette back to the “head-turner” it once was.

Don and Jolene Ramm- Owners

2002 Mustang Shelby GT500

We took our 2012 Mustang Shelby GT500 to Dan at Straight Line Customs with a vision of customizing it so that it was set apart from other Mustangs. We wanted a sophisticated and powerful look when the car was complete. What Dan was able to produce was beyond expectations, he kept the Shelby baseline look while adding that custom edge. We’re extremely happy with the work Dan and Straight Line Customs has produced. The work was completed in a timely manner and his pricing was very competitive. We HIGHLY recommend Dan and his team at Straight Line Customs for any automotive project, big or small. Dan is an artisan of his craft and we look forward to showing it off in Las Vegas at the Mustang’s 50th Birthday Celebration on April 17, 2014.

Jerry & Khris Chapman- Owners

1966 Ford Mustang Fastback & 1956 Ford F-100

I’ve known Danny for a long time and lucky for me our paths crossed. I’m a car guy but I don’t have the capabilities or talent to work on them and this is where Danny steps in. Dan has performed and worked on over 12 of my company vehicles and has done an outstanding job. He’s restored vehicles, rebuilt motors, fixed rear ends and everything in between. Straight Line Customs has built for me a killer 1966 Mustang Fastback that I get compliments on everywhere I go. Recently, Dan and I collaborated on a 1956 Ford F100 dream truck that was built in a six month period. From the amazing black paint detail of the paint job to the awesome interior, this truck shows top-notch workmanship. Every time I walk past this 1956 Ford in my shop, it puts a smile on my face. If you’re looking to have work done on your vehicle, Danny will have both you and your vehicle’s best interest in mind. Danny really will make your dreams become a reality. Good luck with your future projects.

Russell Sobiech- Owner

1948 Austin A40

After a lengthy search for a shop to finish and paint my 1948 Austin A40, I chose Straight Line Customs. The fine bodywork and attention to detail produced a great final result. I would recommend Danny Pearson and Straight Line Customs to anyone looking for that finishing touch to make their ride special.

Steve Jenkins- Owner

1959 Cadillac Sedan DeVille

I knew Danny Pearson three years prior to him opening Straight Line Customs. He is an extremely skilled autobody restoration specialist. Approximately two years ago, my classic 1959 Cadillac and trailer (see were placed in Danny’s shop for a complete repainting, updates, and numerous corrections from the original build. The work was completed to the utmost satisfaction. The updates were not only impeccable, but they gave the vehicles a much higher quality finished product. Not only is Danny’s workmanship excellent, but he also exudes complete honesty and adheres to a strong code of ethics in all my business dealings with him and Straight Line Customs.

Steve Hurlburt- Owner

1988 Porsche 928

My name is Lonny Johnson and on behalf of Straight Line Customs and owner Danny Pearson – I cannot express to you enough how happy and impressed I have been working with this company. As an avid believer in the in the philosophy that “you are what you drive”, I am the proud owner of a 1988 Porsche 928 (previously owned by KISS lead singer Paul Stanley), 2008 Porsche Cayman S and 2008 Cadillac Custom CTS. Not only has Straight Line Customs provided superior maintenance and upkeep services to all of my vehicles (not a single scratch exists on any of them) but Danny has always been available to satisfy my questions and any vehicle improvement requests I have ever had. More impressively, last summer he completely repainted and restored the entire exterior of the Porsche 928 with the interior being scheduled for full restoration this upcoming summer. Rocker Paul Stanley would be so proud!!! In the end, excellent company, excellent results and excellent service. Trust me…this is the company you want to work with!!!

Lonny Johnson – Attorney

1965 Mustang Coupe

The Mustang is the first car I have fully restored and the process was daunting to me when I first strated searching for a restoration shop. When I met Danny he made the process easy to understand and helped me weigh all of my options. When I made the decision how I wanted to move forward Danny was on board and ready to start the project. I am very happy with the final product. The car tuned out better than I could have ever imagined.

Paul Barcomb- Owner

1971 Chevelle

What can I say about SLC…Danny and his crew exceeded all my expectations. The Chevelle came out looking badass! Danny was great to work with and full of ideas on how to make the car standout and perform like new. His crew was able to perform all task thrown at them and they did it in a timely manner, meeting all deadlines to make Summer Nationals a great time. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend SLC to anyone and can’t wait to get started on the next project with the SLC crew.

Neil Larsen – Owner

1963 Chevrolet Nova

Thanks for restoring my 63 Nova! Everyone that sees the car loves it. You have a professional team and they produce professional results. Many ask me who did the work and I tell them Straight Line Customs! If I can get you more work I will. I wish you the best and much success.

Dan Vanstenburg – Owner

1969 Camero Z28 & 1972 Blazer

I’ve contracted with Straight Line Customs for two recent restorations; a 1969 Camaro Z28 and a 1972 Blazer. Danny has been easy to work with and let me contribute to each project as much as my skill level permitted. The body and paint on both vehicles are flawless, I receive compliments every time the vehicles are driven or taken to a show. I do recommend Straight Line Customs!

Lee Nord- Owner

1964 Ford Galaxie

I have a 1964 Ford, Galaxie-XL, 390-V-8, 3-speed auto, Posi-rear end, Original Factory Interior with bucket seats, Factory Air. The team at Straight Line always does good work on my ’64 Galaxie. I don’t have the financial means to do it all at once, so we sat down and made a list of things that needed attention. The we divided up the list into manageable chunks to meet my budget. Straight Line first tackled the important mechanical and safety items, to make the car drivable! Then, in later visits we worked on cosmetic and tuning items. Now my Galaxie looks and runs great. Thanks Straight Line. P.S. Love the new shop!

Bill Driessen- Owner

1970 Dodge Charger

Straight Line Customs took on my disassembled 1970 dodge Charger Project In late August of 2014. They delivered it back to me mid November of 2014. The work performed was body stiffening, reassembly of the suspension, fitment of all sheet metal, and complete body and paint inside, bottom and outside. The finish is outstanding, and body fit perfect. The edges of the painted on graphics clean and sharp. They spent a lot of time custom mixing and painting test panels, as I wanted a pearl version of the stock color.

All in all I am very pleased with Danny and his crew. They are top notch craftsmen. I consider working with them the high point of my build.

Chris Ficenec- Owner

1957 Pontiac Star Chief

When my wife and I first met we owned an 1957 Pontiac Star Chief so we wanted to restore another one and drive it back to California to relive our past.  Staight Line Customs was able to do a full restoration. We wanted the paint back to the  original color of the one we owned.  Straight Line Customs was able to do that but made the color modern exciting and timeless!  Straight Line Customs did an excellent job communicating with me, listening to my ideas about the project and bringing our dream back to reality.  I would recommend working with Straight Line Customs!

 Fred & Sandy Morgan- Owner

1968 Mustang Conv’t

I brought my car in to have an evaluation completed on my vehicle. Thanks for finding $500 worth of work to do, that actually needed to be done. I noticed everything right away on the drive home; the idle is much smoother now, brakes are back to normal, and the hangers on the exhaust was something I knew I needed to have done anyways (no more rattling!). 2 of those 3 were things you guys went ahead and did unprompted, so that was a pleasant surprise, and much appreciated.  Getting that work done, plus your opinion on the frame, was absolutely worth the time and cost for me.  Glad I found you guys, and I hope I could bring it back there at least for mechanical issues in the future, if I do end up keeping the car for the short term.  Again, was very happy with your honesty and professionalism, as well as your responsiveness. 

Bryan Prescher- Owner

1969 Camaro

Thank you Scot and Dan for helping through the process of building/restoring my Camaro. It is a very personal project for me and you guys have walked me through it, and worked with my limited budget, and still didn’t make me feel like my car was small peanuts. (because I know it IS compared to a lot of the restorations you do). I feel I got lucky to have stumbled across your website and discovered your shop. I brag about you guys and your shop to anyone I can.  The AWESOME body work and paint results you did!  I couldn’t be happier and I am so proud of what you have done so far. My car is beautiful! I get a big grin on my face every time I walk in my garage and see it! I am very excited to continue with you guys and finishing this project! Also, thank you for Dan for delivering the car to me, And the cleaning supplies you left for me. I really appreciate that.

Tara Steinhoff- Owner

1964 Falcon 

Back in 2010 my husband and I started a 1964 Ford Falcon hardtop restoration project, it was something we could work on and restore together. We started out doing all the work ourselves, we repaired the rusted floors, one quarter panel, replaced and upgraded the steering, suspension and rear axle. We even rebuilt and assembled the 289cid engine together. We did all this work in our attached 30′ X 30′ garage, constantly shuffling around two other 1964 Falcons (one a future project) that we own besides this one.

As we got closer to thinking about doing the final body work and paint our project began to stall and we came to the realization that having the knowledge, equipment and space to pull off a quality restoration painted by us in this small garage wasn’t possible or going to happen.

This car is kind of my baby, I affectionately nicknamed him “BIG BIRD” and I soon started searching for a restoration or body shop that I could work with to help get our project moving again and have a good quality paint job that we would be proud of.

After touring multiple local shops and a few retired Do-it-Yourself body guys I talked to Scot and Dan from Straightline Customs in Burnsville and enjoyed meeting with them and was very impressed after talking with them about my dream car, in fact I felt like I was talking to Chip Foose and they were going to build my dream car but instead of being Overhauled my 1964 Falcon dream car was going to be Straightlined!

Dan Pearson/Owner, Scot McWilliam/Shop Manager and the entire staff at Straightline are fantastic! They are easy to work with, they listened to all my concerns and ideas they offered suggestion and recommendation based on knowledge learned in the trade and over time. They do a very High-Quality work, building and painting cars that have a fit and finish that are above and beyond anything the factory ever had and then they stand behind their work too.

Thank you to Everyone at Straightline Customs for helping my husband and I keep our restoration project moving forward again and soon we will be asking you about helping us with the front buckets seats and upholstery for this car. We also have another future 64 hardtop project that we hope to start after this one and look forward to working with Straightline on that one too. “BIG BIRD” started out as a field car full of wasp nests and bee hives but now is my dream car.

My name is Barb and I’ve been Straightlined! – Thank You again Straightline Customs

1968 Buick Electra

Dan and his entire crew have been great to work with during the past couple of years.  They are all very professional, yet fun!  Because I wanted my car refurbished by keeping as much of the original car’s exterior and interior as possible, the staff had to think “outside of their box” many times. However, they met and exceeded the challenges every time!  The rebuild turned out great and the new paint job is beautiful. Thank you, Dan, Shelly, and Straightline guys, for your wonderful service while rebuilding my childhood car!

Paula O’Keefe- Owner

1967 Chevelle

Dan and Scot and his team are very accurate in their assessment and quotations in doing the work needed (in my case a problem with a leaky rear main seal). They found a few other problems while working on my 67 Chevelle that they informed me about and quickly fixed. As I looked around in their shop, I quickly realized just how good these guys are in the restoration business. I have dealt with a few places similar to Straight line in the past and I can attest to Straight lines highly professional communications and work efforts. I plan to use them again, should I need work on my prized chevy.

Mark Thompson- Owner

1970 Camaro Z28

I came to Straightline Customs in Spring of 2014 to discuss a restoration on my 1970 Camaro Z28.  Dan was thorough in talking with me about my expectations were and their process of restoration.  The work is top notch and meticulous.

I handled the installation of the wiring, motor, transmission, and interior myself.  Dan worked with me to make sure the transition between my responsibility and the shop’s was handled efficiently. The car was finished in April of 2016.

I have received MANY compliments on the quality of the paint and finish as well as the body gaps and body lines that flow perfectly. 

Three trophies so far, including a Best of Show at the Car Queenz Show in Burnsville last summer.

I am very pleased with the final product and recommend to anyone in need of body work or full restorations.

Bryan Smith- Owner

1970 Cobra Jet Mustang

Working with Dan at Straight line Customs has been a very enjoyable and rewarding experience. Not only did they do everything they said they were going to do…and more, they met the time schedule and the agreed upon budget. Working with Dan was great! My wife and I sat down with Dan and discussed how we envisioned the project progressing. He listened and had some great input and ideas for our Mustang build.

All along the process we had many phone calls and face to face talks with Dan about what I wanted and maybe other options. Never once did I feel frustrated or not listened to…Dan understood what that car meant to me and my family and he worked with us the whole way.

Delivery day was like the day my first child was born…nervous and excited and hoping it was everything we had planned for. When Dan backed the Mustang out of the trailer I was speechless…I was watching a new 1970 Cobra-Jet Mustang roll into our driveway. The paint and fit/finish were breathtaking…better than when it rolled off the Ford assembly line I’m sure. The interior was as new and beautiful. Everything worked as it should and it sounded awesome!

My wife and I took our first spin in the car in the 27 years I’ve owned it. I couldn’t be more pleased and happy with the final product that Dan and Straight Line Customs have brought back to life for me and my family. We will be enjoying this car for many years and proudly showing it off this summer at some local cars shows.

Ted & Jill Beebe- Owners

1979 Camaro Z28

I have a custom 1979 Camaro Z28 that needed an update, and that update was a Chevy LSX454 engine.  I needed a shop that could do the entire install including engine, new fuel system from gas tank forward, computer with all wiring, and custom exhaust.  Also, old fuel system and wiring for computer needed to go away.

In the process of looking for a shop to do the work, Straight Line Customs kept coming up from parts vendors, as well as fellow “‘car people” as a shop to check out.  So I went there, was impressed, got an estimate, and they got the job.

I am very happy that I chose to take my car to this shop.  I worked directly with Dan, Scott and Rob – all were great to work with. They explained in detail what they were doing and any fabrication questions they had, they contacted me before doing the work so I knew what was happening during the entire process. 

Everything turned out perfect – especially the custom exhaust.  Tucking up a 3 inch exhaust system – nice and tight on a lowered Camaro – truly a thing of beauty.

Their work is much appreciated.  This is my new “go to” shop, as I will going to them for additional work in the future.

Gary Lolling- Owner